Interior Decoration & Design (IDD)


Interior Decoration & Design branch has started in this institute in 1995. The course undertaken as a Three-year full time programme. Following competencies are intended to be developed in the pass outs of this diploma programme-  
1. Design/ Execute interiors for various types such as residential, commercial & industrial establishment, showrooms/ shops, office, conference room, hotels etc.
2. Use various types of material such as brick, stones, decorative tiles, wood based products, steel & aluminum, thermal & insulating materials, water proofing materials, paints & varnishes etc for conceptualizing, designing, & education of interior design projects.
3. Appreciate the use of color, texture, pattern, sense of shape, form, proportion, balance, rhythm & harmony for aesthetic finishing & furnishing for executing interior design projects.
4. Interpret / read drawings pertaining to interior design.
5. Use furnishing and fittings used in interior decoration.
6. Display various objects & products in exhibitions, museums, commercial & industrial establishment.
7. Provide interior services such as air conditioning, electrification, lighting, water supply, sanitary installation, and acoustics & thermal insulation.
8. Design doors, windows, portions, paneling, brickwork, decorative tiling, decoration in brick, timber work etc.
9. Use carpentry painting & polishing, upholstery & draperies, finishing of wall surfaces, electrical fittings, making of furniture items & other woods base products & making up models by using different materials. hotels etc.


One can specialized in doing interiors, art galleries, sets for various events, exhibitions and window displays. Landscaping and designing based on Vastu / Fengshui principles are other emerging fields an interior designer can explore.


The pass outs of this diploma programme have employment opportunities both as wage and self-employment. Wage Employment:
The pass outs can take up job in different capacity as :-
1. Interior designer in hotels, tourism department, museums, exhibitions, handicraft emporiums & with builders, contractors.
2. Display artists in commercial establishment
3. Professional for organizing small scale exhibitions.
4. Furniture designers/ interiors designer / interior decorators/ set designers.
5. An entrepreneur.
6. Teachers in vocational schools, polytechnics & colleges.

Self- Employment:

Diploma pass outs of 'Interior Decoration and Design' can start their own enterprise such as-
1. Self practitioner
2. Graphic designer
3. CAD consultant
4. Models maker
5. Furniture designer having own workshops.
6. Consultancy services units for wall appearance, specification, of material to be applied in interiors.
7. Market unit for supply of accessories used in interiors like pots, lamps, painting sculptures, mural etc.
8. An exhibition designer.
9. Teacher in vocational schools, polytechnics and colleges.
10. Set designers.


(Commonly used by the Deptt. Of Interior Decoration & Design)
1. INTAKE (Category-Wise)  
Category   UR   SC   ST   OBC   TOTAL INTAKE  
INTAKE   15   05   06   04   30  

10th pass from recognized Board with minimumof 35%.

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